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commercial advertising jingles from RedHot make your ad dollars work harder.

A top quality commercial advertising jingle begins with a great, memorable hook.

Our top ranked Nashville jingle company is dedicated to creating commercial jingles with great hook lines … and great melodies. We’ll have everyone singing along to your song.

So we will be busy digging into your product or service to uncover or discover that special ingredient or USP (unique selling proposition) that separates you from the pack. Then, we’ll spice it up and serve it in a way people won’t forget.

We not only look for and create a catchy melody, we strive to create the most memorable hooks money can buy. A hook is that phrase or set of keywords that make people’s ears perk up. In the world of advertising, it’s what we call “selling the sizzle versus the steak.” It’s what your advertising campaign hangs its hat on.

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1-800-Call-Sam using our commercial jingle. Click the video to watch.

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Houston Life on NBC using our commercial jingle. Click the video to watch.

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Pillow Pet Puffs using our commercial jingle. Click the video to watch.

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BugFlip using our commercial jingle. Click the video to watch.

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We do jingles and a whole lot more!

We are more than a great jingle service. RedHot is a music and marketing resource agency with a variety of production options and products to choose from. You can also purchase great spot radio, print campaigns, marketing strategies, complete advertising programs, voice over services, custom sound effects, speakers for corporate events and musical entertainment through our award winning jingle company!

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Our state of the art recording studios keep clients satisfied by providing unmatched sonic quality and sound diversity.

Red Hot Jingles state of the art recording studios - Marty & Lorrie Morgan

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Our jingle work for Citizens Bank of Kentucky translated very  nicely to television with  the debut of their new “people first, people friendly” video that launched the new THE RIGHT BANK FOR YOUR LIFE  multi-media campaign with music created by RedHot Jingles with Marty Morgan and Kris Bradley producing a piece written by Marty and Kris. Thanks to Ramona Laney, AVP at CBK for trusting us with your music … and your image. So great to partner with good people who let us do our job right. Kudos to Mandy Brooke and Kris for great vocals as well. Buddy Hyatt’s skills at mastering and mixing added polish and the finishing touch.  Sincere thanks as well to Mark Casebolt and Casebolt Marketing for exceptional video footage and editing. Overall, A great team effort by TEAM RED HOT!

BACK IN THE DAY: Seen here recording a duet for the FEED THE CHILDREN Celebrity Compilation CD, Marty & Lorrie have over 75 years of combined studio experience. Circa 1994 @ Nashville's Legendary Oceanway Studio on Music Row

you can hang your hat on our hooks

Top of Mind & The Bottom Line

A RedHot jingle can improve your bottom line by increasing top of mind awareness with you target audience. People will mentally sing a really good commercial jingle long after it’s finished. So your advertising is working long after it’s purchased. It’s the inherent emotional chord of a great jingle that establishes a bond with your customer. and Research indicates that 80% of our decisions are based on “an emotional appeal”. In other words, advertising jingles are at the “heart” of many purchase impulses and repeat purchases.

THE HOOK. (that’s what people hang on to)

There are a lot of jingle companies around and just about anybody with a piano or guitar can sing the name of your business. But a truly successful advertising jingle begins with big idea. What makes a RedHot Jingle different is the way we approach the process. We specialize in “hooking” your audience with tunes and lyrics that are custom created for maximum impact around your core marketing message.

It’s all about generating profits for our clients, making the cash register ring and hitting those crucial sales goals. Simply stated, when you win, we win. So, we keep your objectives clearly in mind every step of the way when we create and produce your REDHot Jingle. After all, our best ad is a satisfied customer.

From the moment we start digging into your product history and discovering who makes up your primary and secondary markets, until we begin to conceptualize the creative approach to your business jingle we are on a collective but singular mission. Find the HOT button that makes your customer tick and focus on how to best fuel that fire and bring the impulse to act to life!

One of our first considerations before we begin your project is, what can you afford? Big national firms with big, national advertising budgets can obviously afford bigger productions. But, at RedHot we never sacrifice quality for price. So no matter what size company you have, or what your ad budget is, we’ll give you our word that you will get a sound you will be proud of and an advertising jingle that will motivate your customers.

Your jingle project is a streamlined process at RedHot. Scheduled checkpoints are configured along a strategic timeline established by you and your account executive to ensure the process flows smoothly and timely from concept to completion. Average turnaround for a RedHot Jingle or commercial music package for marketing is 3 working weeks. Of course, rushed projects are nothing new in our business, so we can always speed things up based on the urgency of your request and your ability to absorb expediting fees. Our ADVICE ON JINGLES: For best results, don’t rush the process.

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Our lawyer jingles help build brand name top-of-mind recall and have proven results with more bang for your buck!

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Copywriting is an art. The truly great stuff gets results. The rest, gets ignored.