Personal Injury Law Firms TRUST America's Jingle Pros to Make Their Advertising Dollars Work Harder.

Our lawyer jingles help build brand name top-of-mind recall and have proven results with more bang for your buck!

We Produce World Class Jingles for Lawyers Just Like You Who Love Hearing Their Name Put To Music.

Law Firms nationwide, from Seattle to Scranton know that nothing drives home your marketing message like putting your name to music with our amazing lawyer jingles.

With our fast and affordable process PERSONAL INJURY LAW FIRMS are relying on REDHOT JINGLES to get their name heard and remembered. We build great PHONE NUMBER jingles as well as traditional name brand and hookline jingles that break through the airwaves clutter and get heard and remembered. And, we work quickly and creatively to give you LAWYER JINGLES that are fresh, original, memorable and ON TARGET!

A simple 5 to 10 minute phone call will get your new music project why wait? Pick up the phone and let's get started today!

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Ask About Our Discounts NOW for Qualified Law Firms!

Our affordable, top quality lawyer jingles zero in on your hook line or slogan and put it to music with a melody that gets stuck in your head. And we can put the focus on your company name or phone number depending on your marketing strategy. Plus, we utilize a broad mix of Nashville's best singers and musicians so your jingle sounds like the records you hear on the radio.

You could choose from jingle producers up and down the scale, from cheap little home based studios to the big city production houses, but you YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER DEAL FOR THE MONEY no matter where you go!

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    Marty Morgan has written over 1000 national and regional commercials featuring everything from high drama to clever dialogue, rib splitting comedy, and heart-touching nostalgia.
    He and the voice over staff at RHJ do everything from animal voices and little kids to celebrity impersonations and folksy storytelling to everything and anything in between.

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