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Creating a custom advertising jingle with redhot appeal is a Smart Investment!

We Deliver Audience.

How to make an emotional connection through music.

From the moment of the first note to the closing bell our music makes an emotional connection to audiences that leave them tuned in and turned on.

Music – the universal language speaks to gender, race, societal status and age. So, when you support your marketing message with a custom jingle you are harnessing the incredible connective power of music to engage the heart and soul of your customer.

A customer who has an emotional response to your advertising message is much more likely to convert to a sale.

A listener who singing along with your campaign song in the car is already predisposed to picking up your package in the grocery aisle or turning into the auto dealer whose jingle is stuck in her head as she heads down the highway.

Music spurs emotions, gets your audience engaged and gets their neurons firing. If they enjoy your song, logic suggests, they will enjoy your brand.

And while simple spoken messages can be effective in conveying salable points about your product or service, nothing generates and builds persona or brand personality like the right piece of music. Just think of all the great music in your own life and the emotional bond you have to a particular song. Songs stir up feelings, make us laugh, cry and whistle along to the rhythm of the beat whose familiar sound has become the backdrop of our lives.

Great jingles work on the same principle. That’s why the audience we help deliver is more likely to be ready and willing to steer in your direction to pick up your box of cereal, shop at your tire store, call your plumbing company or visit your theme park when it’s time to buy.

It’s not just a matter of making messaging more memorable that creates the value in a jingle, it’s also a matter of making your message more meaningful!

Top talent plays and sings on your national quality jingle

Top quality studio musicians who help create America’s commercial records in Nashville are the same players who perform your jingle. We master mix your session in one of several “mastering” studios used by the major record labels to ensure your final production sounds as good as anything on the air today.

From Rock to Pop, Country To Jazz – Our Custom Jingles Know No Musical Bounds

Typically the musical genre for your particular commercial advertising jingle will be reflective of your primary target audience. Equally important is your brand persona and the kind of messaging personality of the agreed jingle strategy. This is where experience and innovation work hand in hand to create music for marketing that is uniquely on target for both the product and the audience. Massages are sensuous, invigorating and comforting. Ford Trucks are hard working, tough and steeped in tradition. It stands to reason that a commercial jingle for a national chain of massage centers might lean toward a contemporary jazz feel and a Ford Truck jingle just might be hard hitting country. In other words, Product + Audience = Treatment/Style!

Red Hot Jingles state of the art recording studios - Marty & Lorrie Morgan

A Sweetheart of A Deal
On A Jingle Demo

$ 349

If you think your advertising could use a boost, the incredibly affordable REDHOT DEMO is a minimal investment that almost any serious advertiser can afford. It’s easy to hear a musical solution put to tape at this price. We think our demos make our jingle purchases almost guaranteed and that’s why we charge so little for so much. We welcome your input and suggestions as we begin the process so we are confident we will hit the mark with our first submission. PLEASE NOTE: Your demo fee is a separate charge from your full production fees.

Listen To Our Catchy Car Dealer Jingles

Experienced Jingle Professionals Dedicated To Exceeding Your Expectations.

With one of the most respected names in the jingle industry, The RedHotJingle Company has a team of award winning writers and producers who have been creating top quality commercial jingles and music for over 35 years. Our distinctive sound and popular lyrics created for local and national clients has played on radio and TV stations across the USA. Clients from LA to Nashville, and Dallas to Detroit call on RedHot to deliver music for marketing that generates interest, profits and accolades whenever heard. We’re not happy until your expectations are exceeded. That’s why our theme music, commercial advertising jingles, imaging tracks and original scores are popular from coast to coast.

Affordable Jingle Prices Based On Population & Performance Schedule.

Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMA’s) are used to determine the calculated cost of your music project through RedHot, based on number of listeners . Our prices are broken into 5 categories which include Small Market, Midsized, Regional, Major Market (NYC, LA or Chicago) and National Market. To see how your business qualifies, please contact us to determine market size and performance duration. We offer one year, three year and lifetime purchase cycles giving customers the flexibility to purchase according to their needs. All terms are negotiable. Customer Satisfaction Is First and Foremost at RedHot Jingles.


  • A custom advertising jingle keeps selling long after its first heard.

  • A catchy jingle helps sustain message retention and attention duration, leaving the listener still mentally singing it after it's finished, meaning you get more for your advertising dollars because a single spot lasts longer.

  • Did you know that a $5,000 REDHot Jingle cost you less that $15 dollars a day during the first year?

  • Consumers rely more heavily on emotion than logic in making purchase decisions, and music has the strongest emotional appeal of any audio message form.

  • A $10,000 REDHot jingle costs less than 15 dollars when spread over a two year period. Radio is still one of the most cost effective media buys based on reach and frequency and when combined with an attention getting jingle, brand building is significantly improved due to the repetitive nature of musical stimuli used to reinforce the message and generate positive impressions.

  • Don’t limit the power of your jingle by limiting it to paid airplay.

  • Drive the message and brand with on-hold play and in-store broadcasts as well as looped performances on your website or embedded in greeting cards.

You Get ...