Our Difference

We give every project everything we've got!

We pour our hearts and souls into your commercial jingle to make it irresistibly unforgettable.

Big Fish. Little Fish.

Really doesn't matter. When you're fishing for business, you need a great hook.

That’s why our writers and producers focus on making our hooks unforgettable and undeniably fresh. And that’s why our singers and musician always give it all they got. Drive home the melody. Drive home the hook.

Because when it comes to making a jingle that truly attracts the fish in your pond, The Hook Is ALWAYS King. And the difference is always singing it like you mean it!

So before we go about generating your Red Hot advertising jingle, you can be certain that we will be doing plenty of solid research. Coming up with the right hook isn’t just a matter of luck. We dig deep for the perfect tag or slogan to sing.

We will ask a lot of questions about your customer, your niche in the marketplace, your USP (unique selling proposition), your competition, your primary and secondary marketing objectives. Who buys your product and why? How often do they buy? What is your share of market?

If you are an ad agency or sophisticated marketer, these key factors regarding your marketing insights are easy to access. If you are a smaller business without the benefit of a professional marketing firm, RedHot will help you go through the discovery process and pinpoint a strategy that will generate an award winning hook. 

We Call It Hook-APPEAL!

Below are some of our favorite jingle hooks that we have created for our clients.

Be A Part of the Action

for Action News, TV 9

Right Between Your Ears Right Here

for Audio Engineers

Put Your Name In The Book

for Business to Business Telephone Books

Laugh It Up

for Channel 17 TV

Side by Side

for Channel 5 TV

Don't Let Your Appetite Down

for Sante Fe Cantina & Cattlemen's Club

Zip in and Zip Out

for Zip Clinic

Throw your Ladder Away

for K Guard Gutter Shields

The Bank for Your Life

for Citizens Bank of Kentucky

The One To Call On

for Cellular One Phone Service

Ho Buncha Crunch

for Mike's Southern Style Potato Chips

Prime Pickin's

for Edwards Chevrolet

Home Is Just Around The Corner

for Home Federal

Do The Double Nickles

for Dept. of Public Safety

What Makes A House A Home

for Generic Furniture Store Package

Feel A Whole Lot Better

for WellKey Urgent Care

You're Gonna Love the Way it Feels

for Snowy Range Dodge/Chrysler

You Have Our Word On It

for Crawford Buick GMC

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