Across-The-Board Marketing Expertise.

A red hot radio spot, combined with a RedHot Jingle, is a red hot combination.

We Provide Custom Created Radio Spots for Our Jingle Customers.

One of the great added values in hiring RedHot Jingles to produce your jingle, is the extra benefit of our across-the-board marketing expertise. And nowhere is that more evident than in the frequently scripted and produced spots we generate when developing a music package for our jingle customers.

  1. UNCLE HOWINGTON RADIO SAMPLE B 09_08_15 Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  2. FLU WHO 60 RADIO SAMPLE SPOT A 09_08_15 Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  3. 60 STR BLT screw the heat -our brand Radio 60 Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  4. SNOWY RANGE JINGLE W ANNCR SAMPLE 02-21-18 Custom Radio Spots 1:10
  5. SMUC Rocking Chair Custom Radio Spots 0:58
  6. SMUC_4 BIllion Mosquitoes_Sample Radio_June2012 1:00
  7. Burn Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  8. Ming Wang WHOLE NEW LIGHT anncr example 3 EVERY DAY MIRACLES Custom Radio Spots 0:59
  9. One smart shopper – WORD ON IT sample 60 w anncr Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  10. Ride YOU can Trust Spot – NAME ON IT sample 60 w anncr Custom Radio Spots 0:57
  11. HCA 60 Radio Day Begins w Prayer 072418 Custom Radio Spots 0:59
  12. DUNKING BUDDY PROMO SPOT Opt 1 05-18-18 Custom Radio Spots 0:34
  13. ASAP 60 Radio AC Spring Tune Up 04-23-18 MIX A Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  14. ASAP 60 Radio sooner and smaller TAKE 2 011018 Custom Radio Spots 1:00
  15. timbuck too sample spot mstr FIX THAT Custom Radio Spots 1:02
  16. Anything that goes wrong sample spot 60 mstr Custom Radio Spots 1:02

With a senior creative director, who is also an award winning voice talent and script writer, we often deliver a batch of original radio commercials to support the music component of our main deliverable. The idea is to show how well messaging is conveyed with the backdrop of our jingles as the stage from which the scripts come to life.

It’s a common practice at RedHot for senior creative director, Marty Morgan, and a cast of on-staff voice artists to generate several examples of radio spots showcasing the client sales message within our music jingles, either in a donut version or instrumental open with the singing tag.

This gives our clients a chance to see and hear how combining voice over and new custom music builds an effective and cohesive campaign that breaks through the clutter and demands audience attention. Brand personality comes to life when we mix custom messaging with custom music.

A red hot radio spot, combined with a RedHot Jingle, is a red hot combination that almost always brings effective results.

You can afford to upgrade your jingle package with affordable and professionally written, and produced spots by an award winning creative team. They will deliver way more punch than what you get with your standard "written-by-the-salesman commercial" that is sold as part of the media buy.

Marty Morgan, Senior Creative Director

Ask about custom spots when you select your initial jingle package.

Marty Morgan has written over 1000 national and regional commercials featuring everything from high drama to clever dialogue, rib splitting comedy, and heart-touching nostalgia.

He and the voice over staff at RHJ do everything from animal voices and little kids to celebrity impersonations and folksy storytelling to everything and anything in between.