We've got music in our genes.

Bringing a rich tradition of musical heritage to the music we produce is one of the many values we bring to our customers. Discover more about our connection to the Hall of Fame, CMA's, Grammies, Grand Ole opry and more!

An award winning ad guy & a country music icon.

Marty Morgan & Lorrie Morgan, the managing partners in RedHot Jingles, are the children of Country Music Hall of Fame legend George Morgan whose country standard CANDY KISSES launched a 20 year recording contract with Columbia Records in 1950 and a lifelong career in the national music spotlight as a revered member of the world famous Grand Ole Opry. It is safe to say the Morgan’s come by the musical acumen honestly.

What Marty, Lorrie and the Red Hot Team bring to the table is a unique chemistry that puts music for marketing to work to help drive your sales off the chart. It’s a winning  combination that creates memorable music which builds a genuine emotional bond between your product and/or services and your customers. As a partner in your marketing efforts,  the Morgans know that attraction, persuasion, conversion and retention combine to make your music for marketing truly powerful, and truly profitable.

Our Unique Background Makes Us Uniquely Qualified To Produce Your Next Jingle

RedHot Jingle owners Marty Morgan and Lorrie Morgan promise customers the best jingles money can buy.

We have a depth of top grade performers we pick from which few companies in the industry can boast.

The Dude

The driving force behind our special brand of creative music for marketing is an experienced ad man who has spent his career specializing in messaging for marketing. That man is founder and creative director, Marty Morgan. Marty, is our lead lyricist and chief producer, with over 30 years experience as a veteran advertising copywriter, creative director, and later as a national marketing director. His first goal regarding your effective advertising jingle is to narrow down your message to one or two key statements that differentiate you from the rest of the world. Turning that unique selling point or value proposition into a RedHot Hook with an emotional core is why we think we offer the best jingles money can buy.

The Lady

Our executive partner and creative supervisor is world renowned recording artist, Lorrie Morgan, a platinum selling country music performer with a host of industry awards from Grammys to CMAs . Lorrie’s role is to help guide the creative product and song content of all RedHot compositions as well as oversee the final quality of every mastered production prior to client delivery. She occasionally collaborates on RedHot projects from concept to completion depending on her availability and schedule. Lorrie’s personal and professional connections to hundreds of top session players and singers helps RedHot Radio draw from a talent pool that is rich with diversity and excellence.

We Are America's Jingle Pros

Our team includes top writers, musicians, singers, strategy experts, ad men, composers, producers, arrangers, designers, graphic artists, creative directors, public relations gurus and believe it or not, former clients. We’ve been on both sides of the playing field and we understand the turf. We wear many hats but there is one thing we know: JINGLES.

We know how advertising jingles work, why they work and which commercial jingles work best. And because we realize that your jingle is just one component of your marketing strategy (not the whole thing) we will make sure that it works hand in hand with the entire campaign package. We want and expect your REDHOT jingle to be the star of the show, and we think it will be. But also, we respect the supporting cast that represents the rest of your advertising efforts.

Many jingle professionals have never been inside an ad agency or marketing firm except to make a pitch or present an idea. Not so at RedHot. Our marketing roots run as deep as our musical ones. One of the things that makes RedHot so effective is our perspective. The managing partners who steer the RedHot machine bring a perspective that combines the best of marketing disciplines with the sophistication of professional recording arts and sciences.

Lorrie Morgan, Executive Managing Partner

In 1984 Lorrie Morgan made history when at age twenty-five she was the youngest person ever to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry. It wasn’t long before she was offered a recording contract with RCA and later with sister label BNA, and a string of hits began. Timeless country standards like “Five Minutes,” “Something in Red,” “Watch Me” and “What Part of No” established Lorrie as a bona fide country star. she went on to chart over 30 top 10 records and five number 1’s.

Lorrie has built a reputation as an artist who knows a great song when she hears one. The proof is in her legacy of mining Nashville’s songwriting community throughout her career and finding hits.

Always an overachiever, Lorrie has never been one to rest on her laurels or a slew of platinum and gold albums during her recording heyday. IN more recent years she has recorded two albums with tour mate Pam Tillis and also completed an album of “evergreen” classics, complete with an all-star cast of musicians and guests. Recorded entirely live in the studio with producer Wally Wilson at the controls, A Moment In Time captures the essence of Lorrie’s sultry, flawless vocals as she delivers timeless classics including “Are You Lonesome Tonight,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “After the Fire is Gone” (duet with Tracy Lawrence, and “Easy Lovin’” (duet with Raul Malo).

Lorrie Morgan’s trophy room is adorned with reminders of milestones that include dozens of chart busting singles,, twelve major label albums, seven of which have gone gold and platinum, and four Female Vocalist of the Year awards. Her duet partners have included, among other, the likes of Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys. With all these accomplishments it would be easy for her to rest on her laurels. But that’s just not Lorrie.

Lorrie Morgan has a lot left to do. In addition to her new recording projects, she maintains a rigorous touring schedule is currently at work on several new business endeavors including Lorrie Morgan’s Hot Chicken Coop restaurant opened in spring 2019 in Panama City Beach, Florida.

She’s excited to be a leading partner in The RedHot Jingle Company and looks forward to meeting our business customers whenever and wherever her schedule permits. It’s been a long term goal to create a signature jingle sound that is defined by the Morgan family style and she is confident that RedHot can set a new standard for commercial music with that unique Nashville flavor.

MARTY MORGAN, Director of Creative Services, VP CLient Relations

Marty Morgan, our senior composer and creative director gets in front of the mic and the mixing board for a hands on style that helps us keep our music unmistakably fresh and HOT!

When the ideas start rolling you can bet our Creative Director will be front and center. And you better have a recorder handy or be fast with a pen if you want to keep up. Cause the ‘buzz saw” only has one speed…..FULL THROTTLE!

Years of training in the craft of writing copy for ad agencies has given Marty the eagle eye when it comes to spotting that unique selling proposition that is going to make a client stand out from the crowd. His job is to identify it, capture it, put it in as simple and as few words as possible, and wrap it in a nice catchy melody that sticks in your head.

He has written comedy sketches for popular television shows, children’s books and music, ads for everything from chicken feed supplement to cell phones and songs for major recording artists. But it’s his flair and passion for the perfectly constructed jingle or a one of a kind sound design that keeps his motor running.

His 30 plus years in advertising started at age 20 as an award winning rookie copywriter in Birmingham , Alabama. Since then, his career took him to Dallas, Kansas City, New York City and back to Nashville, where he has spent the last 30 years as a writer, creative director, national marketing director and communications consultant before launching REDHOT with sister and platinum recording artist Lorrie Morgan. Together, they are the dynamic duo that sets the tone and keeps the bar high at REDHOT.

You will also hear his voice from time to time on your favorite tv and radio commercials. And, if you watch The Outdoor Channel, that’s Marty’s grizzly pipes playing the announcer of the popular reality hunting tv program “Wild Game Nation”.

A MAN OF MANY HATS…the one Marty wears most is Captain of The Idea Ship at Nashville’s premier jingle service. He’s ready to get down to brass tacks and discover THE POWER behind your brand or product and get the world singing about it.

We create entertaining spot radio guaranteed to deliver maximum audience appeal.

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