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“exactly what we wanted.”

So thankful for the diligent and talented efforts your entire team demonstrated to create such a fantastic jingle for Smoky Mountain Urgent Care. The community here has already been buzzing about the final product it is fantastic! It is very distinct and exceedingly memorable, achieving exactly what we wanted.

J. Michael Rothwell, MD CEO/President

Smoky Mountain Urgent Care

“What a pleasure and what a product!”

I would recommend Red Hot Jingle Company to anyone trying to get the word out in a creative and intelligent well orchestrated way. What a pleasure and what a product!

Terry Cornelius, Marketing Manager

Hallmark Automotive Group

“love the work”

We love the work you did. I can’t compliment you enough.
Respectfully, – Bart

Bart Durham, Senior Partner

Bart Durham Injury Law

“Great jingle, great experience”

Great jingle, great experience, A-list musicians and the singer was spot on! Marty was in the producer’s chair making it all happen! A big thank you from All-Star Personnel! It’s so “happening” that I’m afraid that my competitors are gonna line up and start copying us.

Steve Weldon, President

All Star Personnel, Inc.

“Love it!”

Wow! This really hits home. And really love that you added Lorrie Morgan on the harmonies … Thank you again! It’s exceptional … can’t wait for it to hit air. Someone said it sounded more like a hit song than a jingle. I agree!

Ramona Laney, AVP/Marketing Officer

Citizens Bank of Kentucky

“I’m ready to get started on another jingle”

Everything for the Snowy Range jingle sounds awesome. I’m ready to get started on another jingle for my other dealership at Nissan of Casper. I just hope the second one is as good as the first. You set the bar awfully high!

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